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Colour change night light

Colour change night light

Model: 66699



This colour change night light allows you, as the name suggests, to choose any colour within the visible light spectrum or let it gently cycle through them all. The built-in dusk to dawn sensor ensures the light will only illuminate in hours of darkness and it will automatically turn off when daylight is detected. You can however also choose to have the light permanently on with the flick of a switch.

The soft illumination offers reassuring comfort and safety in the dark and enables safe passage through your home at night. It is an energy efficient lighting solution with very low electricity consumption – costing approximately 24p for a whole years use.



  • Choose the exact colour of your night light from white to any other colour within the visible light spectrum
  • Alternatively works as a soothing mood light that cycles through all the colours
  • 2 light settings – automatically lights up at night (dusk to dawn) or permanently on
  • Soft illumination for reassuring comfort and safety
  • 3 long life LEDs
  • Perfect for bedrooms, hallways and use all around the home


General information:

  • Power: 230V AC 50Hz
  • Costs approximately 24p for a whole years use (calculated using the UK Average rate of 16.3p/kWh – June 2018)
  • Size: H107 x W61 x D51 mm



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