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NEW product – Triple pack remote control sockets

Every house has those hard to reach plug sockets tucked behind the sofa or a cupboard that are quite simply a pain to operate. The remote control sockets can be used to effortlessly turn on and off household appliances at the click of a button. Each socket can be operated se


Website UPDATE – Technical info section

The technical info section has now been introduced to the Uni-Com website to offer a deeper knowledge of our products and how they operate.   We have opened the section with a few pages about LED lighting, listed below:     What is an LED?   &nb


SNEAK PEEK of NEW Uni-Com artwork – COMING SOON!

We are pleased to announce that by January 2017 all of Uni-Com LED lighting ranges will be available in new artwork! The new artwork will offer a more fresh and eye catching design while also making it easier and clearer to see exactly what you are buying.    

CO detector patches

Product FOCUS – Twin pack CO detector patches

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning kills! A high concentration can be fatal and a low concentration can cause long term health risks.   CO is a insidious and deadly gas, it is colourless, odourless, tasteless and initially non-irritating making it very difficult to detec

Bike lights

NEW product – USB rechargeable LED bike light set

The evenings are warm and the ground is dry, more and more of us fair weather cyclists will be taking to the roads and country paths. It is however important to remember that even though the days are longer, bike lights are a must. Lights used at all times will make you more

Pokemon bag (2)

FUN with torches – Pokémon Go

The Pokémon Go craze is sweeping across the UK. It is the forerunner of augmented reality technology and has people of all ages going outside, exploring, walking around and meeting new people! Many of us here at Uni-Com have also embraced the game whole heartedly.  

Security timer (1)

NEW product – Security timer

Intruders target empty homes! If you are going away on holiday or are out for an evening the security timer can be used to make your home look occupied when you are out. It will deter burglars from breaking into your home.   No programming required! Simply plug your l

Large LED lantern w detachable torches

Product FOCUS – Large LED lantern with detachable torches

As summer approaches it is time find the perfect camping companion and thats where the Large LED lantern with detachable torches ticks all the boxes. As a conventional lantern the vast 68 ultra bright LEDs provide ample light to your surroundings, if however a person need

Handy lights_

Product FOCUS – Triple Pack Handy Lights

The versatile handy lights can be easily hung anywhere for hands-free illumination. Use in a marquee or garden when entertaining guests as those warm summer evenings approach. Attach to a rucksack when hiking, commuting or traveling the world. Hang inside a tent when ca


Website UPDATE – Door chime help section

If you are experiencing any technical issues or have any questions about your Uni-Com door chime set up you can now find this information in the Help section of our website. The door chime help section is split into two categories: Operating instructions - if you have los