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All-purpose light

  A multi functional light that has various features and light settings to provide the owner with a lighting solution for a wide range of tasks and activities. Hang anywhere using the built-in quick fit karabiner clip. Effortlessly clip to your backpack for the pe

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Shoelace lights

  Easy to fit shoelace lights that ensure your visibility when running at night - simply thread onto any laced shoes. They are impact activated so the powerful dual red COB LEDs in each light will flash every step to ensure you will be seen. The lightweight and compa

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Pocket torch

  A slim lightweight angled torch that easily slides into your pocket so it can be used whenever needed. It has a wide angle beam for maximum illumination and three different light settings. The soft feel rubberised body makes it comfortable to carry, alternatively u

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Quick release keyring torch

  Attach to your keychain and never be without a handy torch. Simply pull the torch to detach from the karabiner and activate the light automatically. When finished with reattach to the magnetic base and the light will turn off. The strong magnet will hold the torch

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Sensor light

  Handy quick fit stick on sensor light that can be used to illuminate bedrooms, hallways, cupboards and other dark areas not cover by mains lighting. Alternatively makes a fantastic battery powered night light. The built-in dusk to dawn sensor means the light will o

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Handy light

  A versatile light that can be easily hung anywhere! Use in a marquee or garden when entertaining guests as those lighter and hopefully warmer evenings approach. Attach to a rucksack when hiking, commuting or travelling the world. Hang inside a tent when camping. Us

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Pocket work light

  A slim, lightweight and powerful work light that will slide easily into your pocket, its compact design also means it is the perfect travel companion taking up limited space and offering you instant illumination when required. The soft feel rubberised finish makes


Colour change night light

  An energy efficient and convenient LED night light that provides reassuring comfort and safety in bedrooms, nurseries, hallways and all around the home. You can choose any colour from the light spectrum or alternatively set to cycle through all colours. Simply plug


Pumpkin lights

  The potential fire hazards of using candles (especially inside the home) are high so here at Uni-Com we delved into our stock range to find some safe lighting solutions for our Halloween pumpkins. Please see below a few of our suggested options:   63858


Halloween pocket torch

  The perfect lighting companion for trick-or-treating! A compact, lightweight and powerful torch that will easily fit into your pocket or can be carried using the wrist strap. Available in orange and black colours so perfectly themed for Halloween but also a great h