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Product IN DEVELOPMENT – COB LED pocket work light

A slim, lightweight and powerful work light that will slide easily into your pocket, its compact design also means it is the perfect travel companion taking up limited space and offering you instant illumination when required. The soft feel rubberised finish makes it comfort


Product FOCUS – LED book light

For when the dark is preventing you getting lost within the pages of your current book this lightweight and quick fit LED book light is the ideal lighting solution. With Christmas approaching quickly it is also the perfect stocking filler for all book lovers.   Model:


Product IN DEVELOPMENT – COB LED handy torch

  A compact, lightweight and powerful torch that will easily fit into your pocket or can be carried using the wrist strap. Hard-wearing anodised aluminium body available in red, black and silver.   N.B. COB or 'Chip on Board' is a collection of LED chips that il


NEW product – Colour change LED night light

An energy efficient and convenient LED night light that provides reassuring comfort and safety in bedrooms, nurseries, hallways and all around the home. You can choose any colour from the light spectrum or alternatively set to cycle through all colours. Simply plug the night


FUN with torches – Pumpkin lights

The potential fire hazards of using candles (especially inside the home) are high so here at Uni-Com we delved into our stock range to find some safe lighting solutions for our Halloween pumpkins. Please see below a few of our suggested options:   63858 - LED push lig


Product IN DEVELOPMENT – Quick release LED keyring torch

Attach to your keychain and never be without a handy torch. Simply pull the torch to detach from the karabiner and activate the light automatically. When finished with reattach to the magnetic base and the light will turn off. The strong magnet will hold the torch securely a


NEW product for HALLOWEEN – Pocket torch

The perfect lighting companion for trick-or-treating! A compact, lightweight and powerful torch that will easily fit into your pocket or can be carried using the wrist strap. Available in orange and black colours so perfectly themed for Halloween but also a great handy torch


NEW product – COB LED keyring torches

The COB LED keyring torches have numerous features making them an extremely versatile lighting solution. The quick fit karabiner ensures they can be attached easily to your keychain so you are never be without a handy torch. A built-in magnet on the base means it can be


Product IN DEVELOPMENT – LED bobble light

The LED bobble light is not just a fun lighting solution for the children but also a handy light you can use anywhere for a reassuring comfort and safety. Simply tap the base of the light on any surface to illuminate. The bottom section of the light is a higher density than


FUN with torches – Back to the Future fancy dress

A few Uni-Com torches, some discarded cardboard boxes, a roll of duct tape and a "couple" of lunch breaks and what do you have... the most awesome fancy dress couple costumes EVER!   One Uni-Com employee made the costumes for a recent party. Dr. Emmett Brown driving h