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Armoured torch

Waterproof. Shockproof. The armoured torch is nearly indestructable and made to withstand active and rugged lifestyles. It is the perfect companion whether that be on a building site or traversing the world. Throw it in your tool box, bag, boot of your car, boat locker and n

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Switch light

The switch light design resembles that of a standard light switch and can be attached to any surface using one of the three mounting options. No wiring is required so it is quick and easy to attach in your chosen location and then a simple flip of the switch produces a wide

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Orb light

The orb light is an aesthetically pleasing unit perfect for hands-free or portable lighting. The magnetic base holds the orb in position and can be attached to any surface using one of the three mounting options, the orb can be easily rotated and tilted within the base for d

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Wi-fi smart socket

The wi-fi smart socket is very easy to set up allowing you to effortlessly use your phone or tablet to operate household appliances from anywhere. Control of your home is at your fingertips using the free YD Home2 app. Multiple sockets can be controlled through the app with

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Telescopic pick up tool with torch

A handy magnetic tool to find and pick up metal objects in hard to reach places. It is an ideal workmans companion to capture those screws trying to make an escape or alternatively for general use around the home to fish out that set of keys that has fallen behind the sofa.

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Touch light

Handy quick and easy to install LED light that can illuminate cupboards, attics, under cabinets and other dark areas around the home not covered by mains lighting. The light is touch sensitive to operate making it simpler to turn the on and off in the dark.   Model: 1

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All-purpose light

A multi functional light that has various features and light settings to provide the owner with a lighting solution for a wide range of tasks and activities.   Hang anywhere using the built-in quick fit karabiner clip. Effortlessly clip to your backpack for the perfec

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Shoelace lights

Easy to fit shoelace lights that ensure your visibility when running at night - simply thread onto any laced shoes. They are impact activated so the powerful dual red COB LEDs in each light will flash every step to ensure you will be seen. The lightweight and compact design

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Pocket torch

A slim lightweight angled torch that easily slides into your pocket so it can be used whenever needed. It has a wide angle beam for maximum illumination and three different light settings. The soft feel rubberised body makes it comfortable to carry, alternatively use the bui

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Quick release keyring torch

Attach to your keychain and never be without a handy torch. Simply pull the torch to detach from the karabiner and activate the light automatically. When finished with reattach to the magnetic base and the light will turn off. The strong magnet will hold the torch securely a