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Uni-Com is at the forefront of waste reduction


Here at Uni-Com we are committed to reducing waste and helping the environment by moving away from single use complete plastic clamshells which have been the mainstay of retail packaging for years. We are in deep into the process of transferring our entire stock range over to blister cards (which severely decreases the amount of plastic required) and more importantly cardboard boxes that are fully recyclable and made from recycled material. We continue to cut the use of plastic with the goal to eventually drop it completely. From 2014 we have seen our plastic packaging drop by a massive 79%.

From 2014 we have also cut our battery imports to the UK market from an average of over 15 tonnes per quarter down to an average of just over 3 tonnes per quarter in 2018. Coming soon we will begin supplying Ni-MH USB rechargeable batteries. These eco batteries are efficient and easy to recharge over 500 times helping to decrease the number of single use batteries being imported. Being Ni-MH they are also much safer and are not susceptible to the dangers of their Li-ion counterparts.

We are also conscious of our own carbon footprint and energy consumption, converting our warehouse and offices to full LED lighting. This uses a fraction of the electricity and does not use dangerous chemicals found in our original fluorescent and mercury vapour lighting.

Here at Uni-Com we will continue working towards ways to reduce waste, help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint in the years to come.


Premium door chimes – exclusive to Argos


Uni-Com are pleased to announce that we have launched a premium range of door chimes that are exclusive to Argos. Each model offers its own unique features to help cater for different types of lifestyles, they all work together and can be mixed and matched throughout your home.


Premium portable & plug-in door chime set
Argos SKU: 801/9938
Uni-Com model: 66088

66088 - Product (6)








Premium plug-through door chime
Argos SKU: 801/6670
Uni-Com model: 66071

66071 - Product (5)








Premium night light door chime
Argos SKU: 750/7489
Uni-Com model: 66095

66095 - Product (6)








Premium rechargeable portable door chime
Argos SKU: 803/2654
Uni-Com model: 66101

66101 - Product (7)