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FUN with torches – Pokémon Go

Pokemon bag (2)

FUN with torches – Pokémon Go

The Pokémon Go craze is sweeping across the UK. It is the forerunner of augmented reality technology and has people of all ages going outside, exploring, walking around and meeting new people! Many of us here at Uni-Com have also embraced the game whole heartedly.
Working busily during the day, and this coupled with the fact that certain Pokémon are only available, or more easily attainable at night (Gastly, Zubat, Hoothoot etc.) members of the Uni-Com team have been out of an evening Pokémon hunting with their friends and family.
It is very enjoyable Pokémon exploring in the dark but important to remember to be safe and be seen! Our team of Pokémon trainers regard this of high importance, especially those of us with young children. Uni-Com have therefore kitted us out with various hands-free lighting that not only provides clear coverage and vision to see what is ahead, but also ensures we are seen by other pedestrians, road users and obviously other Pokémon trainers.
LED head torch
58960 - Product58960 - Action shot (1)
Comfortable hands-free lighting. White LEDs for use as a flood light. Red LED to maintain natural night vision in the dark. Weather resistant. Tiltable head to adjust angle of beam.
LED pocket light
62257 Product (LED)62257 - Action shot (1)
Clipped to clothing for hands-free use. Magnetic base. Soft feel weather resistant design.
Glow stick and torch
61069 - Product (2)61069 - Action shot (1)
4 light settings to increase visibility. Wrist strap. Durable weather resistant design.
Handy light
62776 - Product62776 - Action shot (1)
Hang anywhere. Quick fit karabiner clip. Durable weather resistant design.
Rechargeable LED spotlight
59516 - Product (3)59516 - Action shot (1)
Carry strap. Belt clip. Soft feel weather resistant design. Wind up handle and USB cable for charging battery. No batteries required.
Quick fit bike lights
61076 - Product (2)
Ideal for bikes or scooters. Easy to fit. Alternatively attach to bags or clothing as a safety light. Flashing option to increase visibility. Weather resistant.
IMPORTANT – Go out in a group, make sure you know where you are going and avoid unknown or secluded places, look both ways before crossing the road, pay attention to warning signs, and be safe while trying to catch ’em all!
PLEASE NOTE – Uni-Com (Global) Ltd is not affiliated with Pokémon Company International. The above lighting solutions are what members of our staff and their families have used to help ensure safety when playing Pokémon Go.


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